Did you ever wonder what kind of cue Jayson Shaw use? He’s famous for being an action-packed no-nonsense kind of player. Few players play with more “life” in their cue ball than Jayson. Learn more about what kind of cue Jayson Shaw and shaft use.

Jayson Shaw, a regular member of the European Mosconi Cup team. Winner of multiple international titles all over the world. So what cue does Jayson Shaw use?

As probably most people know, Jayson signed a record-breaking 10-year deal with Peri Cues in 2018. Since then he’s been tearing up the international pool scene with numerous wins under his belt.

Jayson is probably considered one of the planets top 4-6 players, and this honor is well-deserved. 

Very rarely you will have to search for long in the results list before you find his name at the top, or at least very near the top.

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His playing style is really entertaining for the audience, and he once stated;

I would never play with a cue brand not up to my own high standards. Peri cues are probably the best cues I ever played with! – JAYSON SHAW

As Jayson is preparing to play the Mosconi Cup 2020, he is practicing really hard at his home table, and in his new pool hall (co-owned with his wife) US 1 Billiards. The cue that Jayson use is a Peri “Duke Aquitaine P-T03”. It’s far from cheap. At $5,890 it’s certainly not a cue for everyone! Actually, Jayson plays with a few other Peri models as well, but they all cost between $4-6000. 

Although he switches the butt once in a while, he always plays with the same Peri shaft. The Peri P20 shafts are great quality shafts at different price points. The only thing separating them is the quality of the wood, tip, and ferrule. Ranging from good, to better to best.

Excerpt from the text describing the cues that Jayson plays with:

Each cue in the Duke-series is crafted from the finest exotic woods, expertly crafted and meticulously designed, the luxury features include sleek A-level Cocobolo wood and aluminum inlays. Paired with the P20 shaft, it’s a wicked look with precision play to match. 2 matching extensions included.

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Although this particular series is out of most people’s price range, Peri offers lots of models at different prices. Here is a buyer’s guide to the top 8 Peri cues, and if you are in the market for a new cue case, here is a buyer’s guide to the top 8 Peri cue cases and bags.

Some have asked us if it’s possible to upgrade the shafts that come with each cue model. This is absolutely possible. Just contact us and we will sort it out.



Duke Series ($4900 - $5890)

Duke Aquitaine P-T03


Duke Series ($4900 - $5890)

Duke York P-T02


Duke Series ($4900 - $5890)

Duke Dracula P-T01



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