Peri Cues is a massive brand. It’s probably the biggest manufacturer in the billiards industry. There are 1000 employees in the factory, and the manufacturing process adheres to the strictest protocols. The company has since 1998 not only produced pool cues but also tables, lights, and basically anything a pool player or hall would need.

The “Peri” brand is owned by Weilu Billiards International Co. up until recently Weilu Billiards International Co also produced and sold the “Eclat” cue-series. This has since 2020 been discontinued to focus 100% on Peri cues.

See more about Peri Cues and check out the video from inside the Peri factory.

The company has until 2018 focused mainly on the home market (China). However, in 2018 after signing a 10-year sponsorship deal with international superstar Jayson Shaw, the focus has been broadened. In total there are about 60+ sponsorships associated with the brand. Peri Cues sponsors the Eurotour and has an established network of dealers both in the US and EU regions.

The Peri break cues have gained a lot of attention. Partial because of the great design, but also due to the reasonable price. Both the break cues and jump cues are priced very “competitively” and has sold really well since the beginning of 2020. The attributes and quality of these cues are reaping great reviews.

Peri pool cues prices

Prices for a Peri cue range from $200 upwards to the $6,000 region. Whether you opt for a beginner, mid-level, or high-range model you will always see and feel the great quality of these pool cues. There is also a decent selection of hard cue cases and soft bags.

How are Peri Cues made?

Peri Cues are made from the finest exotic wood like Cocobolo wood and Canadian maple. The cue butt also has an embedded carbon fiber structure (patented technology) to ensure stability.

With a huge storage facility and almost limitless production capacity, being sold out is almost never a problem. During the production process, each cue goes through a series of procedures to make it the beautiful product it is.

The carving process is very intricate. Using only the best raw material and the best machinery. The inlays are all done by hand. Some cues will take up to several days to complete. All shafts are stored for 49 days at a constant degree of 25 Celcius (77 f) and a humidity of 35-45%. The cues are rigorously tested for straightness and then sterilized before being shipped to the customer.

I think it’s safe to say that a player of Jayson Shaw’s caliber would not settle with anything but the best!

Which cue does Jayson Shaw play with?

Jayson plays with a few different Peri pool cues. This is his current set up:

Break cue: PBH-G01-W
Jump cue: Eagle PBH-T1
Playing cue: Duke Aquitaine P-T03
Cue case: Golden Python 3 x 4 and White Kylin 2 x 4

Peri cues are simply the best I ever play with!

Jayson Shaw

US 1 Billiards & Bar

Jayson Shaw´s wife is Ara Shaw. He and his wife own the US 1 Billiards & Bar.

Address and contact details
1167 Boston Post Road, West Haven, Connecticut 06516.
Phone number: (+1) 203-848-1212

Opening hours
5pm – 2am

At US 1 Billiards & Bar you’ll find a great menu for both food and drinks.

The billiards bar is just redone, and you’ll find brand new chairs and tables. New pool cues to play with and brand new sets of billiard balls. You can also play darts at the US 1 Billiards & Bar.