The attributes of a Peri shaft are incredibly good. It creates very little squirt (“low deflection). See all Peri shafts here. Players like Jayson “Eagle Eye” Shaw use the Peri P20 shaft, but although it’s very much a high-end pro shaft – it also fits all playing levels. Consistency and high-performance are keywords used to describe this shaft.

The prices for a Peri shaft varies between $98 to $597. The differences in the shafts are mainly wood quality, ferrule material, and, the tip being used. All options are great and have similar attributes.

Technical details

Taper: Pro
Material: Maple
Structure: Hybrid
Length: 29″
Weight: 3,8 – 4,2 oz
Tip: Overload 12.5 mm (M)
Joint: Radial
Ferrule: XTC

NOTE: The Peri shafts are piloted

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