Jayson Shaw – rightfully crowned “MVP” when Europe trashed the USA.

The overall score between the sides is now 13-13 with a draw as well.
Jayson Shaw was rightfully crowned MVP as he played like the beast he is.

He also made the winning shot for Europe in the comfortable 11-3 win.

This time around we played better as a team. We won some crucial lags in matches that went to hill-hill. This gave us a massive advantage in the final game

MVP Jayson Shaw was Europe’s key man as they retained the Mosconi Cup.

Day 2 ended in a 5-0 whitewash and more or less sealed the deal for Team Europe.

In the ultimate grudge match, the unbeaten Jayson Shaw squared up against Van Boening knowing the «W» was in their sights.

Shaw had already got the better of his opponent in the fans’ choice match on Wednesday and the Scot was determined to seal the deal.

Jayson Shaw celebrates sinking the winning shot before dancing with delight with his teammates

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Image: Skysports.com

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